Friday, October 17, 2014

Bootleg Kuroshitsuji Sebastian Michaelis. How to discover a fake !

It's little impossible to buy a original one. So I decided to buy this Bootleg Sebastian. (33 dolar or 24 Euro)

When you don't wanna buy a bootleg, ask for real photos before you wanna buy the Nendoroid. After that pls make attention on few thing on the box or on the figure.

Ok so first the box:
As you can see the face of Sebastion is a little bit yellow

FAKE !! Yellow faces

The REAL one !- The face is not so yellow ( picture from a Sebastian-Fan, pls don't look on the hearts XD )

The next step is the figure 

As you can see the face is very shiny, and it should be matt,

The hair don't look good finished

          The paint on the hand is horrible

The last thing is the stillage. One the fake one you will only see Made in China

And one the real one you will see Kanji/Katakana and Made in China

I hope that I help you to make a decision if you wanna buy a fake one:)

Sry for my poor english :(

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